Tuesday, October 2, 2012


A Godly man is a humble man, one not full of pride. He shows a meekness and desire to submit to his master, God the Father. He is patient in all things and trust in the Lord to see all things come to pass. He is planted with deep roots in the Lord Jesus, so no thing shall shake or destroy him and his family. He is gentle and kind, always faithful and never gives up. He cherishes his family as he recognizes that they are a gift of God. He takes responsibility and charge over his family leading them always to the Lord.

A Godly woman is a gentle spirit. One who is in love with the Lord. She is as sweet as honey and gentle as a dove, yet very strong. She is the glue that holds everything together. She is devoted to living her life to please her Heavenly Father, her husband and her children. She feels every emotion of those she loves and is always there to encourage. She cherishes her loved ones as God has put them into her care, for he knows that she loves them as he does.

Lord, I pray for a man that will be part of my life. A man that really loves You more than everything. A man that lives not for himself but for You.  He must know for whom and what He lives, so His life isn't useless. someone that has a wise heart not only a smart brain. A man that not only adores me, but can warn me when I'm wrong.   A man that can be my best friend. A man that makes me feel like a woman when I'm beside him. I don't ask for a perfect man but I ask for a imperfect man. A man that needs my support, my love, my prayer for his life. Give me Your hands so I always be able to pray for him. Give me Your eyes, so I can see good things in him and not the bad one. Give me Your mouth that is filled with Your words of wisdom so I can support Him. And I want that finally both of us can say "How Great Thou Art" Amen.

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