Thursday, August 23, 2012

Update about me.

Hey, readers!
Wanna know my life now?
I'm much better now. :)
I know the secret of having a victorious life. :D
You wanna know? Ada banyak hal sih yang buat hidup gw berubah, First and the important thing in this life is because I have God.  I have Jesus who take away all my pain, fight for me, being there every single second for me,  and He collect all my pieces of my broken heart and replaces it with the new one. :) When I keep my eyes on Him, instead of looking what people do and say, I feel serenity.  o:)

Oh God, how i Thank You for the people around me..
Thanks for my family who always be my home.
And a big thank to send me some angles (Devils inside the angels) hahaha.. My best friend ever!  Yoan and Cindy. They always there for me, never tired of my pointless drama, yang ampe harus nahan pengen muntah dan jadi bikin dosa tiap denger 'mreka yang ga boleh disebut namanya'. haha.. Oh I love them so much God! 
I'm sorry girls, I've disappointed you,  i was blind. But,what i promised you yesterday, I will keep it. Because I also promise to myself and to my God. Well,, the rest of it, just pray for me. hehe..*hugs*
And all my best friend and good friends who always support me. I Thank God for you guys.. :)
And last but not least is my community. My mentors and my mantee(s). Their prayers are my fence. 

Blessed them Lord.

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