Sunday, August 19, 2012

LOVE Himself is on my side

I thank God for all the wonderful people He has specifically placed in my life. They are an amazing source of encouragement. However, I won’t deny the fact that they are weak too. They will leave someday. They will disappoint and be disappointed.

That’s why I am grateful that God is my Father, my Savior, my Lover, my Caretaker, my Provider, my EVERYTHING. When the time comes that I have to be alone, and am expected to stand on my own, I won’t be afraid because I know that the Lord will stand by me. One day, I will have to figure out things alone and plan my life ahead of me, but I won’t worry. Regardless of how old I am, or the number of years that have passed, I will still remain as God’s little child. I still remain as His treasure. Nothing will make Him relinquish His hold upon me. I am protected, precious and blessed. :D I am held tenderly, abundant and satisfied. That is because a relationship with God never becomes common, never expires, and never becomes ‘normal.’ It grows deeper, deeper and deeper.

I won’t be ashamed. I won’t be afraid. LOVE Himself is on my side. Whatever I may be facing now, I know that nothing is too hard for Him, and He won’t fail me. He doesn’t want to bring me down. That’s how much Jesus loves me. He is my Shepherd and companion forever.

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