Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Let love out

I forgive because I was not designed to keep that resentment inside of me. It only makes things harder. I know, since the day I accepted Christ, I am being transformed to be more and more like Him. Thus, forgiveness comes out naturally from me. Love comes out naturally from me. These are not born out of our efforts, though. They are fruits, because we abide in Christ. I don’t wanna hold back the love I have received. I'm not gonna hold back that forgiveness. It was meant to be released.
God is taking away the anger, sweeping out the guilt, and driving out the fear. I know that I may not be used to these being absent, but I'm better off without them I know God is replacing them with hope, love, compassion, kindness and faith.
I forgive. Not because it is an obligation, but because it is a necessity. This great love that I have received from Jesus can never be caged inside. It won’t be stuck inside me, and just for me. It has to come out. I am not just a storage, I am also a channel. I don’t want to miss the privilege.
 Let love out.

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