Saturday, August 25, 2012

a short letter to you.

I miss you.
Don't you know how hard to hold that feeling? To not say it like we used to say?
Everything change. Ya. I know.

I know what you've been through. Although, sometimes I can't read your mind or even feel like I don't know you. But I believe you are struggling too,now.
Don't give up!
Whatever happen in your family now, just believe God already has a beautiful plan for you. Mungkin emang kita ga bisa liat sekarang, ga ada hal yang rasanya bisa disyukuri, but just believe in Him. Like what I believe in God, now. I don't know apa rencana Dia sekarang. Sangat-sangat ga bisa baca dan nebak maunya Tuhan. But I trust Him. Whatever will happen in the future, I know He has an awesome plan for me, for you, and for us

You know, when you were talking, i just being quite. I don't know what to say. 
I promise you nothing. Aku ga brani lagi ngebayangin hal-hal yang jauh yang susah aku raih, karna takut aku akan kecewa (lagi) waktu aku ga dapetin apa yang aku mau. Too much expecting is killing me. 
Now, I surrender all to God. I let Him take over my life. It's so much easier. You should try it :)

Oh how I miss us! When everything feels so real. 
I believe 'that day' will come. The day when you'll pay all my tears. 

Hey, I don't hate you. May be I did. But I forgave you. 
And I still love you,A. Like God always do to you. :)

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