Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life is getting tough!

Hey guys.. how's life?
mine? quite good. :)

just start thinking that i'm old enough. Have to think about internship on next semester. But till now, I still confused which company i want to have my internship. So, i try to send email to some companies with different types about asking an internship. I just hope that some of them will reply my email and give me chance to have internship there...
huaaa.. still confuse. @.@
I don't know exactly which types of company i want to work. For me it's either hotels, advertising agency, event organizer, mall, or PR firm or may be in a big company. Still don't know. Just pray the best for my internship. I believe God will give me the best company :)

Beside of campus life, my love life is still good. :p
It's been four months we have this relationship, but it feels like a year..hahaha
Many things happened. good and bad. laugh and tears. patient and anger.
I learn many things in this relationship.
I learn how to love. Not just say it but how to show it.
I learn how to love something i never do, but i do it because he love it.
I learn how to listen without defending. Even sometimes i fail, but i always try.
I learn how to forgive and accept him for who really he is.
I learn how to see not like what people see, but what's God see.
Loving him not because he has something, but because I just love him.
I never have as long as this relationship. For me, this four months is quite tough. And I really thank God because He is very patient in handling me. hehe..
God, I love him. Too much.
Bless us. Bless our dream, vision, and give us Your grace to walk in this relationship day by day.
But still, I love You more,Dad :D

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