Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life is getting tough!

Hey guys.. how's life?
mine? quite good. :)

just start thinking that i'm old enough. Have to think about internship on next semester. But till now, I still confused which company i want to have my internship. So, i try to send email to some companies with different types about asking an internship. I just hope that some of them will reply my email and give me chance to have internship there...
huaaa.. still confuse. @.@
I don't know exactly which types of company i want to work. For me it's either hotels, advertising agency, event organizer, mall, or PR firm or may be in a big company. Still don't know. Just pray the best for my internship. I believe God will give me the best company :)

Beside of campus life, my love life is still good. :p
It's been four months we have this relationship, but it feels like a year..hahaha
Many things happened. good and bad. laugh and tears. patient and anger.
I learn many things in this relationship.
I learn how to love. Not just say it but how to show it.
I learn how to love something i never do, but i do it because he love it.
I learn how to listen without defending. Even sometimes i fail, but i always try.
I learn how to forgive and accept him for who really he is.
I learn how to see not like what people see, but what's God see.
Loving him not because he has something, but because I just love him.
I never have as long as this relationship. For me, this four months is quite tough. And I really thank God because He is very patient in handling me. hehe..
God, I love him. Too much.
Bless us. Bless our dream, vision, and give us Your grace to walk in this relationship day by day.
But still, I love You more,Dad :D

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dream. Believe. Make it Happen.

I'm back..
And I should be more diligent in writing, because i need to improve my writing and my English and also I should make some notes to remain me what's going on in my life. :P

I just watched Agnes Monica in Bukan Empat Mata, the title is 'One night with Agnes.'

They invited Agnes as their guest star and some of her friends was coming too.
She is really-really adorable!! I'm a huge fans of her. She have a lot of gift that God gave them to her. Besides good in sing, she also good in acting and communicating with people. And what makes she looks amazing is because she has the same God with me, Jesus Christ. And I know, what can make she now, is because of God, and of course beside her big motivation and her big dream.

She has a quote which is so highly motivated: Dream. Believe. And Make It Happen.
I've heard it, but tonight, God remind me again about some big things that He promise me. Go to the nations, being a public speaking and so many things. But, i never plan how to get them.
And tonight, because of what Agnes shared, i need to start thinking and make some plan or dreaming more for my future.

You know, Agnes is still young. But she achieve so much in her age. And I believe in God's plans for me too. I'm not young enough to start thinking a big dream. Coz I believe God will in my side. And I know He never fail and He always keep His promise.
Like He bless Agnes, He will do the same with me too. :)

Oh God!!!
I'll start to think about what I have to do, in my age, to get what You want me to do, and how to get my dreams come true.