Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Happy Birthday my dear, Andrew! :D.

Today is your 21st birthday. Wish all the best for you all the time :)

Walopun setengah hari ini sempet bete karna semua rencana ga berjalan sesuai yang diharapkan, tapi, ya sudahlah. We had a great night. Especially for me.
I thank to God for this great night.
This is my first time in my entire life. hahaa..
I had a dinner with Andrew's family at Sushi Tei. With his mom, dad and sister.

Seeing you happy is make my happy too. I know this is gonna work till last.
God, I just ask You to keep this 'thing' forever. I wanna celebrate his birthday every year, with him.
hoo,, Bless him Lord, with all Your grace.

oya, anyway, he loves my present too. hehe..

I give the pillow. :P

Once again. Thanks DADDY!! :*

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