Thursday, September 2, 2010

You know the best for me..

My God is so kind!!
that's what I want to say first..
even, people come and go,
but, He always beside me.. He never leave me alone..

i am thinking lately,
everytime i have a relationship with a guy, and try to make a friendship ,but it cannot be imperishable.
a best friend who always there for me everytime i need him, anytime i want to talk, asking for a help, joking,chatting and doing some things together..

why they always come just for a moment. sometimes a month or several months.
they make my life so colorful in the beginning, and after that they are gone, with any reasons, sometimes with no reason..

why it always happened to me..
not for the first times, but i've experience for four times.
what's wrong with me?
is there something wrong when we do the relation?
if there is, so tell me..

and now, looking you do the same things like we did, that's so s***!
why we can't continue what we do,while you do it with her.
or may be you can tell me what you do with her.
just think me as your friend. can you?

these situation makes me realize,that..
we can not rely on people.
they're not eternal..
they can not be trusted.

just Jesus, who always there for us.
when i cry complaining about no one cares with me,
He said, He cares..
when i don't know, with who i want to talk,
He always there, wait and ready to listen to me.
although people leave us, He never leave us alone, even in a minute.

thanks Dad..:)

even, i'm still asking
and, why?

but, I believe, that everything that happen in my life is in His purpose.

and i thank for another friend, that You gave to me..
i believe, after a good bye there always be another hello :)

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