Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i don't wanna be a baby any more..

aaa.. it's been along time (again) i've never touch this blog..hahaha

enyway,, who cares.. haha

there are a lot of things that happened in my life for this 2 months..

the guys come and go.. and now they all gone..hiks.. but, it's ok, now i learn how to be a mature God's girl:)  even, sometimes i asking God, wht this happened to me, but now i know, that He want to now my heart, do i give all my heart to Him or not. And, yeah, i can see that when i think about one guy, and when he made my day so mess, i always think about my self and cry about my own problem, and it makes me dont care about what's going on around me..

but, i'm happy now, that God still loves me, He catch me back to listen and do what He wants me to do in my youth.. thx, Dad:)

i believe that You has Your on time to me.. just teach me to  be a lady in waiting. 

hmm, yup, this morning, He reminds me to think another things that more important than just to think 'a guy' that so annoying and give no advantages. Becouse, there are a lot of friends in UMN and in my community that need my caring. And more and more in this nation.huaaa..

hmm,,  yaa,, i just can say, God, this is my life, use me like what do You wants..

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