Saturday, May 15, 2010


huaaa.. hari ini campur2 deh prasaannya...=D


i'm happy becouse i've done my job for Gabby's sweet seventeen birthday.. even it's not so done well, but at least i've try my best or even our best...=D my first event, first experience to coordinate and it was so fun and so tired.. but i love it, i like to work like this..:P

and i'm sad, coz i can't see the RAN's show at down town SMS...huaaaaaa... and when i read in my twitter that everybody talk about how good the show, it make me so regret that i can't see..hiksss.. coz, i have to clean up the room and the decoration and do another things..hwhwhw.. so sad...T.T

fed-up?? actually not really fed-up, coz i don't know the correct word to show this feeling.. just want to say " oh?! ok,, that's you.. you really change. and i hate it." that's all..

hmm,, but,, above all.. i really thx to God, for today.. even, no one care to me, but i know just He that so care to me... i love You,Dad.

o ya,, just want to say, Happy birthday Gabby:) You're 17 now.. be mature and be blessed.. and keep your spirit..=P

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