Friday, February 19, 2010


hi readers..=D

it's been long time i do not write again..
it makes me confused how to start this conversation..hehe

o ya, i finished my English course until intermediate test^^.
but, it makes me sad coz i can not meet my beloved tutors everyday again.. and i lost my sharing partner,, can not practice my English everyday (*gawat ini...)

anyway, i got my score for first semester today.. they just score for every each lesson, and there is no GPA yet, but if I count them, it almost 4!! 3,875.. from 7 for A and 1 for B.. huaa.. sayang banget itu..huhu... but, really thx thx God for it!!=) Good job Gaby^^.

this week i start my second semester,, and it's quite interesting although some days it's really tiring. but, i enjoy it, because in this semester we learn more specific and some of the lesson is quite interesting to be learned.:)

hmm,, what else?
i do nothing now,, not really busy about another except for campus.
but, actually, there is something which is really annoying in my mind..
but,, i can handle it now..but it really need a strong hearth to face it..
huaaa,, God... help me!! safe your this little girl! >.<

o ya,, sorry to say it late,,hehe
happy valentine day!! and happy Chinese new year ya!!
may this year brings us new hope, new spirit and new bless..
God bless u all,,,=)

love,, Gaby..^^.

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