Thursday, September 2, 2010

You know the best for me..

My God is so kind!!
that's what I want to say first..
even, people come and go,
but, He always beside me.. He never leave me alone..

i am thinking lately,
everytime i have a relationship with a guy, and try to make a friendship ,but it cannot be imperishable.
a best friend who always there for me everytime i need him, anytime i want to talk, asking for a help, joking,chatting and doing some things together..

why they always come just for a moment. sometimes a month or several months.
they make my life so colorful in the beginning, and after that they are gone, with any reasons, sometimes with no reason..

why it always happened to me..
not for the first times, but i've experience for four times.
what's wrong with me?
is there something wrong when we do the relation?
if there is, so tell me..

and now, looking you do the same things like we did, that's so s***!
why we can't continue what we do,while you do it with her.
or may be you can tell me what you do with her.
just think me as your friend. can you?

these situation makes me realize,that..
we can not rely on people.
they're not eternal..
they can not be trusted.

just Jesus, who always there for us.
when i cry complaining about no one cares with me,
He said, He cares..
when i don't know, with who i want to talk,
He always there, wait and ready to listen to me.
although people leave us, He never leave us alone, even in a minute.

thanks Dad..:)

even, i'm still asking
and, why?

but, I believe, that everything that happen in my life is in His purpose.

and i thank for another friend, that You gave to me..
i believe, after a good bye there always be another hello :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm not sorry to know you

i just finished read my friend's blog.
he wrote his feeling in that day.. hari di mana yang selama ini gw tunggu2 untuk gw tau kebenaran apa yg sebenarnya terjadi.
and now, i know what exactly he feels.

Setiap kita pasti pernah punya someone special yang tanpa disadari pernah menjadi bagian dari hidup kita. Dan aku percaya aku pun pernah di posisi itu dalam hidup orang lain.
even just for a while, i really thank God to know him.

kecewa? ya. sangat kecewa.
marah? bukan marah lagi rasa sampai2 perasaan itu tak pernah bisa terluapkan.
Di awal aku tau ini, aku sangat ingin memaki dirinya. Tapi lama lama kau sadar, mungkin dia cuma sekedar bumbu penyedap yang akhirnya sedikit memberikan rasa dalam hidupku.
Ya, tidak semua yang kita inginkan, sesuai dengan kenyataan.
Tidak semua yang pernah datang, akan tetap diam.
Bahkan mungkin pergi diam-diam.
Saat harapan itu pergi, aku hanya butuh keberanian untuk melepasnya.
dan sekarang aku tau, aku sudah melepasnya..

i'm stronger now.
i know my God is teaching me how to be a lady. not a girl anymore.

for my friend,K.
i know, you have decided what the best for you. and i really appreciate it.

Monday, July 26, 2010

this is called Joyfull :)…

Hari ni gw seneng bgt. Tepatnya sangat sukacita.!!

Tuhan kasih gw temen baru, sebut saja R. :D

Setalah kita ngobrol banyak n akhirnya malah jd buka bukaan, gw ngarasa, Tuhan kasih dia buat gw, tipe temen yg selama ni gw cari2. Gokil, heboh, seru, tapi sama bisa diajak serius n cerita, bs diajak share jg, n saling nguatin. Gw berharap kita juga bisa saling jaga..hehehe..

Makasih ya Daddy, Tuhan kasih seorang penjaga lagi buat Gaby.:)

Hal lain yang bikin gw seneng adalah bisa share n jadi berkat buat temen gw yg lagi ngalamin kekeringan n kekosongan, sebut saja C namanya.Dan Gaby sangat senang waktu Tuhan pakai Gaby buat jadi tangan panjangnya Tuhan.

Rasa seneng ngliat orang yang lagi hancur hati n sekarang waktu tau kebenaran, merasakan yang namanya kelegaan. Tu rasanya ga terkatakan bgt deh. Kyk abis nylametin nyawa seseorang. *ga tau ni lebay pa ga.hehhe… tapi bener2 ngerasa happy. very joyfull :D

Pokoknya Gby seneng!!!! And ga berhenti hentinya ngucap syukur^^.

Makasih ya, Daddy. \(^.^)/

ini Gaby, pakai Gaby


Saturday, May 15, 2010


huaaa.. hari ini campur2 deh prasaannya...=D


i'm happy becouse i've done my job for Gabby's sweet seventeen birthday.. even it's not so done well, but at least i've try my best or even our best...=D my first event, first experience to coordinate and it was so fun and so tired.. but i love it, i like to work like this..:P

and i'm sad, coz i can't see the RAN's show at down town SMS...huaaaaaa... and when i read in my twitter that everybody talk about how good the show, it make me so regret that i can't see..hiksss.. coz, i have to clean up the room and the decoration and do another things..hwhwhw.. so sad...T.T

fed-up?? actually not really fed-up, coz i don't know the correct word to show this feeling.. just want to say " oh?! ok,, that's you.. you really change. and i hate it." that's all..

hmm,, but,, above all.. i really thx to God, for today.. even, no one care to me, but i know just He that so care to me... i love You,Dad.

o ya,, just want to say, Happy birthday Gabby:) You're 17 now.. be mature and be blessed.. and keep your spirit..=P

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i don't wanna be a baby any more..

aaa.. it's been along time (again) i've never touch this blog..hahaha

enyway,, who cares.. haha

there are a lot of things that happened in my life for this 2 months..

the guys come and go.. and now they all gone..hiks.. but, it's ok, now i learn how to be a mature God's girl:)  even, sometimes i asking God, wht this happened to me, but now i know, that He want to now my heart, do i give all my heart to Him or not. And, yeah, i can see that when i think about one guy, and when he made my day so mess, i always think about my self and cry about my own problem, and it makes me dont care about what's going on around me..

but, i'm happy now, that God still loves me, He catch me back to listen and do what He wants me to do in my youth.. thx, Dad:)

i believe that You has Your on time to me.. just teach me to  be a lady in waiting. 

hmm, yup, this morning, He reminds me to think another things that more important than just to think 'a guy' that so annoying and give no advantages. Becouse, there are a lot of friends in UMN and in my community that need my caring. And more and more in this nation.huaaa..

hmm,,  yaa,, i just can say, God, this is my life, use me like what do You wants..

Friday, February 19, 2010


hi readers..=D

it's been long time i do not write again..
it makes me confused how to start this conversation..hehe

o ya, i finished my English course until intermediate test^^.
but, it makes me sad coz i can not meet my beloved tutors everyday again.. and i lost my sharing partner,, can not practice my English everyday (*gawat ini...)

anyway, i got my score for first semester today.. they just score for every each lesson, and there is no GPA yet, but if I count them, it almost 4!! 3,875.. from 7 for A and 1 for B.. huaa.. sayang banget itu..huhu... but, really thx thx God for it!!=) Good job Gaby^^.

this week i start my second semester,, and it's quite interesting although some days it's really tiring. but, i enjoy it, because in this semester we learn more specific and some of the lesson is quite interesting to be learned.:)

hmm,, what else?
i do nothing now,, not really busy about another except for campus.
but, actually, there is something which is really annoying in my mind..
but,, i can handle it now..but it really need a strong hearth to face it..
huaaa,, God... help me!! safe your this little girl! >.<

o ya,, sorry to say it late,,hehe
happy valentine day!! and happy Chinese new year ya!!
may this year brings us new hope, new spirit and new bless..
God bless u all,,,=)

love,, Gaby..^^.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Thanks God for Today;)


Hari ni seneng bgt^^

Dari yang bangun2,, berasa sangat bersalah karna bangun telat dan tidak mengikuti alarm,,terlalu nyaman tidur sampe telat ke gereja.. n Tuhan tetep bilang kasih setianNya cukup buat gw.. itu waw banget.. really thx God,,and I’m so so sorry>.<

Trus abis gt, persiapan wisuda GT, 

And seriously, ni wisuda GT yang waw banget.. momen terakhir.. tapi dapet banget suasananya..

And terlebih lagi pas anak2 kembali ke hati bapa2,, dan bapa2 kembali ke hati anak2…liat 1 keluarga bisa saling doain n belajar gimana caranya jdi anak dan ortu yang baik.. that’s really cool and touching>.< ga bisa nahan nangis sangking sukacitanya….

Bener2 berasa beban selama GT terangkat and terbayarkan dengan suksesnya wisuda and pembinaan Girls’ Talk ini, di momen td malem.. pokoknya bener2 seneng bgt liat mreka nangis2,peluk2an,, satu keluarga, ayah,ibu,anak, bisa nyatu…that’s awesome.. I know that’s because our awesome God too=D

Yeahh,, well done buat GT pertama ini.. Thanksssssssssssssssssss Jesus^^

Gw blajar banyak dari acara ini,, thx banget juga buat tim yang ada… and semua hal yang aku pelajari, sebagai org acara, seorang cewek, seorang yang dituakan. Belajar submit ma pemimpin yang lebih mudah and domina (tug a gampang>.<), blajar jadi peka, berinisiatif, jadi cewek yang mau di ajar, bljr sabar,pokoknya bljr banyak bgt deh…^^

Thx Jesus^^.

Trus abis slese acara , ditraktir makan ma Tante Baby di Takigawa..huaaa.. kenyang…
Btw, mo bilang sesuatu yg ga penting, dessertnya enak bgt…hmmm… hahaha,, tapi lupa namanya apa..

Makasih bgt deh Tuhan, Tuhan baik bangetsss>.<

Dan pastinya ga cuma sampe disini, Tuhan ajar gw.. tapi aku percaya Tuhan mo perbesar kapasitas aku di GT. Tetep ambil komitmen sih di tim ini,, ntah Tuhan mo perbesar kapasitas ato gak,, aku mo taat aja ma apa mau Tuhan,, yang penting sekarang aku harus siapain diri aku dulu!!

Yeah!! Have to feed my spirit first…=D

And btw, kemaren gw ngucap syukur banget ma Tuhan, gw bilang,” Thx banget, karna ampe sekarang gw masih bertahan ikut Tuhan.” Bener2 ngerasa bersyukur banget,aku ttp kuat jalanin prosesTuhan, bukannya malah lari… thx Lord,, that’s because I know that You’ll never leave my hand from Your hand. ^^.

Need you moreeeeeeeeeeeeee…

Luv u Dad,,;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


huaaa,, lagi curi2 waktu ni..

padahal besok UAS politik ma sosio..haha

lagi nunggu Edward cari jawaban,,jadi bisa ngeblog bentar,,wkkwk.. (*sorry Ed...=D )

yup,, i'm having my final Exam..>.<

cepet juga ni dah masuk hari ke 3,, tinggal dua hari lagi,,,trus libur 2 minggu..yippi^^

must do my best ni!! IP pertama tidak boleh mengecewakan!!haha..

need ur support readers...;p

btw, aku abis camp GT lho..hehe

that was really great,, good job Gab,, and really thx God for all things that You have done..


ngalamin pertempuran, gimana nge-arrange acara yg bener, ngliat cewek2 bertobat and ambil komitmen baru... What a great joy=) 

Thx juga, buat smua tim GT serpong,, you're great,girls.. and thx juga buat para ibu.. aku bljr banyak banget dari tim ini.. Thx God for this opportunity^^.

udah dulu deh,,

Gud nite all..=)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

really not a good thing.

ow ya,,eniwei,,gw lom smpet crta kemaren..

kemaren gw nabrak trotoar and bannya robek dan kempes seketikaT.T

huaaa,,, serem bgt... mama sempet marah, tapi papa enggakk... what a great parents..really really thx Jesus for them..>.<

tapi sedih n ga enak aja, papa jadi harus beli ban baru seharga 900 rb..=( padahal keperluan masih byk>.<

sorry dad..

bener2 croboh bgt ni,, ga tenang,, keburu2,,ngebut..jadinya begini.. hwhw.. really hate my this character!


huaa,, hari ni akhirnya slese juga Pracamp GT, tinggal jumat besok capcus ke camp...>.<

hari ini cape bgt,, mulia keluar rmh dari jam 9,, ampe ga ikut ibadah buat ngurusin keperluan trainning n pra camp yang masih kececeran..banyak bgt yang miss n lupa disana sini..hwhw,  ya namanya juga masih perdana ngurusin beginian,,tp jd banyak belajar... 

but overall, thx God bgt!! You're awsome!!^^

thx 4 ur spirit and strenght.. ga bisa lakuin apa2, tanpa kekuatan Tuhan...>.<

lebih kerennya lagi hampir semua peserta dateng keculai yg dari luar kota...waw..

you're rock girls..=D

get ur self be ready to get something new from Him^^.

Friday, January 15, 2010

ready to Girls' Talk

aaa,,, kesal,, barusan mati lagi inetnya,, dan postingan gw yang udah gw ketik panjang2 ga masuk..hwhwhw...

yeah,, i got wifi in my house, so i can online in my own room..hohoho,, tapi ya gt deh, ga tau apa yg bermasalah, ni inet putus2 mulu...>.<>

anyway,, tetep bersyukur sih msih ada internet setidaknya..haha

btw, cepet bgt ya dah masuk bulan januari....><

n baru 2 mingu jalanin tahun 2010, Tuhan dah ajar n kasih banyak hal ke gue. Tuhan kasih temen2 baru,,(kakak2 baru tepatnya) n lewat mreka gw diingetin banyak hal..

n entahh karna kita mo GT, akhir2 ni lagi banyak godaan n serangan juga yang berhubungan dengan materi2 GT..>.< 

ya tentang gimana jd cewek, cara kita bersikap, lsd, stand alone, teladan... huaaa... banyak deh...

ga banyak godaannya sih sbnrnya, cm ada satu, tapi cukup menyita pikiran dan perasaan..hahah *lebay.

btw, kita mo Girls' talk lagi lho,, kali ini buat wilayah khusus banten.. ni camp pertama kita,,

really wish, banyak cewek yang Tuhan ubahin^^, can't wait until that day=D

hmm,, hal lainnya,,

gw dah mulai kuliah lagi..hhoho

n minggu depan gw lagi minggu tenang alias libur seminggu sebelum UAS..huaa..

please pray for me, readers..=)


Saturday, January 9, 2010

i still here..

huaa,, it's been a long time i never write again..
skrg lagi keasikan chatting,,
jadi ga sempet nulis,,
n lagipula ga ada yg buru2 in buat posting lagi,, jadi lupa...haha

but,, i still here..
bingung jug amo mulai dr mana,
banyak crta yg dah terlambat n akhirnya dah tutup buku..haha

o y a, btw,,
Merry Christmas n hapupy new yeaar for my readers...=P

new year, harus pun ya semangat n mimpi2 baru..
n banyak lagi goal setting taun lalu yg blom kesampean dikejar taun ini..
yeey.. ciayou!!

i just hope,,
tahun ini Tuhan banyak kasih kejutan2 dalam hidup gw..
n pastinya gw mau hubungan gw ma Dia makin erat lagi..
don't want to go far away from Him anymore....>.<

hmm,, buat permualaan segini dulu deh,,
gw bakal sering2 posting deh,,