Wednesday, November 25, 2009

new moon

huuu,, today is a veryyy tired day..
i just got home at 10.30 pm..
and mom got angry with me..
hehe.. sorry mom,,,=D

finally,, after looooong time i never go with Hanna and Edina,, who are my best friend at senior high school.
huuu,, really miss them!!
and today we met and watch NEW MOON together..

yeahh,, new moon!!^^
OMG (again...)
Jacob is really handsome!!!
even i can't sream out of my mouth!! hahhaa(lebay sih..)
but it's happen. hahaha

i wanna let u see these pictures,,
i love this scene..
when the rain soaked his body, and his hair become wet like that one.
i think, this is the best angel of his handsome..>.<

and, actually there is another best part.
when he is slepping.
oh no, he is so cute...>.<

i'll give u another scene that i love,

see,, how cute they are..^^

haha,, enough Gaby!!

nice movie,, even it make we have to wait until the third movie,, eclipse.
just wait it until next June. hopefully.

and after that,,
Hanna, Edina and me, have our taking picture time.
udah lama banget ga foto bertiga..
and dah lama juga gue ga foto!!!
berasa kagok..
and, hanna use the samsung star, and i checked the camera is nice..
and make me want to but that as soon as possible!!

and after that,,
we had miss yennis farewell at pizza!!
me, ms. Fonny, ms Ayu, and ms Atiek.
actually she didn't invite me,,
but, i just wanna come and meet her.
tapi ttp dikasih pizza,, ya gak nolak dong..
and she told, why she quit very fast.
and i know that is not her false, but her boss false..
i just can't think, how come her boss did it to her..
ask the solution, but in fact there no solution except she has to quit.
what??! zzz.
i don't know..
but,,, ya sudahlah,, and i think, miss yennis happy with it..
just let her goooo...
but,, i'm happy to met her again today.
and said good bye with a warm hug for her..
just pray the best for her life.=)
(are u read this God? do it to her for me,please =) thx. )

huaa,, it's too late..
and after this i have to have my time with,Dad..

so good night everyone

God bless you.

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