Friday, November 6, 2009

loves raining at jakarta

huaa.. hari ni gw keujanan..>.< (which is the last day)
pas lagi mo naek bis. tiba tiba ujan deres with the lightning.. tapi sebelumnya mang dah kliatan awan nya item, gelap banget..hwhhw..
sambil nunggu ujan reda, berteduh and jalan2 dulu dh mall slipi jaya.. haha.. ga terbayangkan bakal ke mall itu..wkwk.. that is so small and so narrow. kayak itc gt isinya.. but,, just for my experience..
and the part that when i waited for the bus in the drizzle is so awesome, i don't know why, just love it.. wkwkwk..i very thank God that i have this experience (again). hoho..
but, i arrived home safely, just a little bit wet..hehe.. thanks God.=)

moreover, i really glad to join that seminar.
the question is, Dad, what do you want to i lead? what vision that you give?
what kind of people that i should lead? what kind of activity?
i want You to use me as your leader where ever i am .
just give me the special vision! what i have to do in my age, for my generation, and for Your glory?!
give me that God.. i really want "it"!

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hans said...

widih gue suka gab gaya tulisan lu.. campur2 inggris bo! hehe.. tapi bagus, ga kaya orang2 yg pada sok2 inggris tapi ngaco2..