Saturday, November 21, 2009

English Day. =)

wo,, for along time i don't nge-blog...hehe..
just quite lazy to online, i don't know why.
may be because i don't know what to write and this week my facebook become very quite.
lack of notification,, poor me..=(

any way,,
this week, i do my fasting. and i really enjoy it, even that many temptation..
but i can over it.. hahaha.. thx God.
and i have learned many things from this fasting.=)
just ask Dad, to give me a new, new, new lesson every day, that can make my spirit growth and my relation with God closer=D
very interesting that God teach you while u do your activity and your life..^^

hmm, anyway,
hari ini bergaya pake bahasa inggris boleh dong.. haha.. ya iya lah,, blog blog gw.

because yesterday and today i have my English lesson (again). after for a long time i didn't come and forget to speak English...hehe
but today, i went to my course and talked a lot and gossiped a lot. (sorry God.=P )
and this night, i just arrived from sms with miss Fonny, one of my English tutor^^.
she ask me to join with her, because she alone there,
and then i joined her and we just sat at and talked many things...

one of the topics that we talked is about boys and love..
hahaha( namanya juga cewek...)
u know,, it's very confused, if you have that someone who love you, and he is a good guy, may be a perfect one. but you don't have any feelings with him. even, that he is so kind to you.
yeah, that based on our feeling.
and as you know, we can not control our feeling.
it's naturally.
kalo udah gt,, mo bilang apa..
we can not force our feeling to love him, if we don't feel comfortable with him, right?
hwww,, pusing ya..
and my solution is,, just looking for another guy that you comfort with.
hahaha.. yeah, i think that's a good solution.=P

and the other topic is about someone that we called "you know who"
it is so funny topic to discuss, even it's belong to gossiping. hehe..
i just can't belief that she can do that as a leader.
i don't want all my tutor will out because of her.
because miss Yennis will out this December T.T
but,, yeah,, i can't say that if they really not comfort with her.
i just want that she is the only one have to quit.. hahha.. (am i evil?)
but,, yeah, i think to have a good company you have to search a good leader.
are u guys agree with me?!

hmm,, just fyi, i type this blog for until a half hour. hehe...

and i don't know what i'm going to write again.. hahaha..
may be i'll post it soon..
i think enough for today..
see u soon.=D

Good night everybody^^
have a nice Sunday
And God bless you..

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