Wednesday, November 25, 2009

new moon

huuu,, today is a veryyy tired day..
i just got home at 10.30 pm..
and mom got angry with me..
hehe.. sorry mom,,,=D

finally,, after looooong time i never go with Hanna and Edina,, who are my best friend at senior high school.
huuu,, really miss them!!
and today we met and watch NEW MOON together..

yeahh,, new moon!!^^
OMG (again...)
Jacob is really handsome!!!
even i can't sream out of my mouth!! hahhaa(lebay sih..)
but it's happen. hahaha

i wanna let u see these pictures,,
i love this scene..
when the rain soaked his body, and his hair become wet like that one.
i think, this is the best angel of his handsome..>.<

and, actually there is another best part.
when he is slepping.
oh no, he is so cute...>.<

i'll give u another scene that i love,

see,, how cute they are..^^

haha,, enough Gaby!!

nice movie,, even it make we have to wait until the third movie,, eclipse.
just wait it until next June. hopefully.

and after that,,
Hanna, Edina and me, have our taking picture time.
udah lama banget ga foto bertiga..
and dah lama juga gue ga foto!!!
berasa kagok..
and, hanna use the samsung star, and i checked the camera is nice..
and make me want to but that as soon as possible!!

and after that,,
we had miss yennis farewell at pizza!!
me, ms. Fonny, ms Ayu, and ms Atiek.
actually she didn't invite me,,
but, i just wanna come and meet her.
tapi ttp dikasih pizza,, ya gak nolak dong..
and she told, why she quit very fast.
and i know that is not her false, but her boss false..
i just can't think, how come her boss did it to her..
ask the solution, but in fact there no solution except she has to quit.
what??! zzz.
i don't know..
but,,, ya sudahlah,, and i think, miss yennis happy with it..
just let her goooo...
but,, i'm happy to met her again today.
and said good bye with a warm hug for her..
just pray the best for her life.=)
(are u read this God? do it to her for me,please =) thx. )

huaa,, it's too late..
and after this i have to have my time with,Dad..

so good night everyone

God bless you.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

what a good day. thx God.

first of all,,
i wanna say,,
i love u guys and girl,,
and everyone who i ever met...
really happy to know and become your friend and even your best friends..
i love you friendssssssssss....^^
before it's too late to say it.. i wanna say it now!!
but, don't think anything because of this,, i won't go anywhere.. hehe

ada banyak kejadian ni hari ini...>.<

akhirnya gw nonton 2012..
hahha,, even it's too late..but,,no problemo.. yang penting kl orang nanya dah ntn apa blom gw bisa bilang " i have!! ". hahha
i watch it with my lovely brother this afternoon..
tidak sepenuh yang dibayangkan, dah tidak ada acara mengantri seperti yang (may be) orang lain lakukan. hehehe...
yang penting kan, yang ditonton sama,,
and, i have to say, that movie is really awesome!!
we were warned!!
i always said 'Oh My God!!' di setiap kejadian2 yang unbelievable.
huaa,, it's to scare too image what will happening to us at that time!!>.<
berserah saja sama Tuhan..
dan selain itu yang bikin gue nangis adalah,,
di setiap scene yang saling mengucapkan kata perpisahan dari ayah ke anaknya, dan sebaliknya..
trus perjuangan si ayah, nylametin anaknya..
OMG!! it's very touching..
when the he said,
" it's the time to the mother said to the children that she very loves them and to the father apologize to their children!"
oh God,,
i just wanna say i very thankful and very love this family!
thanks for dad, thanks for mom, and thanks for brother..
i really love them!!!
never want to separate with them! ever!!..
even, i can't imagine how will we separate with someone we love.
so,, guys, whoever read this blog and had watched that movie,,
don't lose your time. just say that you very love them.
and don't waist your time just to make a conflict,but use your every single time to love one and another.
make your family proud of you and your friend are really proud to have a friend like you=)
ini juga yang mau gue lakukan mulai hari ini,,
just do the best for every one around me!

and about the end of the world..
i think, i have to do some more important than just go to campus and bla bla bla..
just wanna do something important to bless all people around me..
and what is that,God??! just tell me as soon as possible,okay?!
i wanna be a history maker, God...


selain itu,, gw juga punya kabar menyedihkan..huhu..
gw nabrak!!! ya nabrak (again)!!
ga tau siapa yang salah, gue ato tu satpam, tapi tadi pas mo belok di tikungan tempat parkir kampus, tu satpam masih bilang, "jauh..jauh...", until,, there was a sound "zrrrrttt".
and directly said, "oh God!"
gw baretin mobil orang!!>.<
sorry to the poor blue xenia...
and tentunya mobil bokap gw!!
uhh,,, i'm sorry inova....membuat tubuhmu lecet2 dan tak terluhat mulus...hihihi..
thanks a lot God!!!
bokap gw ga marah n tidak memberikan disiplin untuk ga boleh bawa mobil seminggu lagi..!!
emang dasyat bokap gue,
dia lom liat aja baretnya kyk gimana..hohoho..
pengen bawa ke rumah rucky tu mobil gw,, biar bisa sedikit terlihat mulus lagi..hahha

ini semua terjadi karne gue lupa cara membuat mobil matic gw itu bisa diparkir pararel..
but, i know now.

another sad news is..
no more miss Yeniss as my tutor..
actually, this is to fast,sinne she is invited by her boss, and then directly at that day she resigned.
kluar lagi deh one of my favorite tutor..hwhw
yah sudahlah,, mau diapakan lagi,,,huhu..
but, i still have miss Fonny for last..
hahaha,,, don't leave me miss..!
no until i finish my time..hahha

and today. i got my test for the beginer test. and i got 95!!
great job!!=D
thanks a lot for miss Yennis, yang udah kasih kisi2nya...hahha...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

English Day. =)

wo,, for along time i don't nge-blog...hehe..
just quite lazy to online, i don't know why.
may be because i don't know what to write and this week my facebook become very quite.
lack of notification,, poor me..=(

any way,,
this week, i do my fasting. and i really enjoy it, even that many temptation..
but i can over it.. hahaha.. thx God.
and i have learned many things from this fasting.=)
just ask Dad, to give me a new, new, new lesson every day, that can make my spirit growth and my relation with God closer=D
very interesting that God teach you while u do your activity and your life..^^

hmm, anyway,
hari ini bergaya pake bahasa inggris boleh dong.. haha.. ya iya lah,, blog blog gw.

because yesterday and today i have my English lesson (again). after for a long time i didn't come and forget to speak English...hehe
but today, i went to my course and talked a lot and gossiped a lot. (sorry God.=P )
and this night, i just arrived from sms with miss Fonny, one of my English tutor^^.
she ask me to join with her, because she alone there,
and then i joined her and we just sat at and talked many things...

one of the topics that we talked is about boys and love..
hahaha( namanya juga cewek...)
u know,, it's very confused, if you have that someone who love you, and he is a good guy, may be a perfect one. but you don't have any feelings with him. even, that he is so kind to you.
yeah, that based on our feeling.
and as you know, we can not control our feeling.
it's naturally.
kalo udah gt,, mo bilang apa..
we can not force our feeling to love him, if we don't feel comfortable with him, right?
hwww,, pusing ya..
and my solution is,, just looking for another guy that you comfort with.
hahaha.. yeah, i think that's a good solution.=P

and the other topic is about someone that we called "you know who"
it is so funny topic to discuss, even it's belong to gossiping. hehe..
i just can't belief that she can do that as a leader.
i don't want all my tutor will out because of her.
because miss Yennis will out this December T.T
but,, yeah,, i can't say that if they really not comfort with her.
i just want that she is the only one have to quit.. hahha.. (am i evil?)
but,, yeah, i think to have a good company you have to search a good leader.
are u guys agree with me?!

hmm,, just fyi, i type this blog for until a half hour. hehe...

and i don't know what i'm going to write again.. hahaha..
may be i'll post it soon..
i think enough for today..
see u soon.=D

Good night everybody^^
have a nice Sunday
And God bless you..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


ow ya,, ttg hari ini,, gw seharian ntn tv doang, gara2 disuruh jaga rumah, ditinggal mama pergi..hwhwh..

trus acara ntn fame hari ini pun batal karena ada training Gt di TB,yang cuma 3 orang doang yang dateng.hww,, ya sudah lah ya..
disinilah belajar penyerahan hak!!!>.<

dan acara ntn 2012 kmrn pun batal gara2 tidak dapet tempat duduk,,
hwww,, ya sudah laha... ntn film korea aja dirumah...hoho

ow ya, trus kmrn minggu katanya ada Keripatih di sms!!
huaaaa... gw kesel..
gw ga tau...>.<
padahal pengen nonton..katanya, dan pastinya emang keren!!
dulu pas pertama kali pindah jakarta tu kerispatih dah pernah nongol di sms, tapi pas itu gw lom pindah, cuma berselang satu hari baru gw pindah!!
trus pernah juga di UPH festival, dan karena acaranya malem dan ujan, gw ga jadi ntn..>.<
tidak berjodoh sekali..hwhwhw

btw, gw juga lama ga les inggris nih,,
logatnya jadi ilang..haha

ada satu kutipan keren yang gw mo pasang di twitter tapi ga cukup,,hehe..

Someone asked me, "Why do you keep loving someone who doesn't love you back? There are tons of fish in the water."
I simply replied, "Just because it's also water, would you drink from the sea?"

*so sweet*

[ Joseph ]

really want to type..
but i don't know what's the topic..


let me tell about Joseph,
that i've read it from genesis 37-50
keren banget penyertaan Tuhan buat hidup Yusuf,,
Yusuf yang dari muda dibanggain ma ayahnya, ampe dapet jubah yang mewah yang ngelambangin anak kesayangan, tapi dimusuhi sama sodara-sodaranya.
bahkan kakak-kakaknya masukin dia ke sumur dan akhirnya ngejual dia jadi budak dan bilang ke ayahnya kalo dia udah mati.

tapi di masa" Yusuf ngalamin cobaan yang ga enak bgt, disitu Tuhan ngeliatin penyertaanNya yang amazing bgt!
di pasal 39:5, di tulis "...Tuhan memberkati rumah orang Mesir itu karena Yusuf,..."
walaupun orang yang punya rumah itu bukan orang percaya, tapi Tuhan berkatin seluru isi rumah itu, sampe segala yang ada di ladang, hanya karena ada Yusuf! *mupeng*
bahkan setiap hal yang Yusuf lakuin selalu Tuhan buat berhasil!!
waktu dia jadi budak, Firaun beri dia kuasa untuk mengatur seluruh isi rumahnya,
trus pas dia di penjara, Tuhan bahkan membuat dia menjadi kesayangan kepala penjaranya bahkan akhirnya dipercayakan mengurus semua tahanan!

satu yang gw pelajarin dari Yusuf, dia tetep setia ma Tuhan,and tetep terus pegang janji yang Tuhan kasih lewat mimpinya. kalo ayah dah seluruh kakak"nya akan sujud menyembah dia.
walaupun dalam kenyataannya, seiring dengan berjalannya hidup Yusuf, itu tu ga mungkin banget.
tapi sampe akhirnya Tuhan genapi janjinya mengangkat dia jadi raja Mesir, dan semua orang yang kelaparan datang meminta gandum ke dia, dan smua orang sujud ke menyembahnya. termasuk ayah dan kakak-kakaknya.
punya hati yang tahan uji kyk gt tu ga gampang bgt!!
so, give me Your strength God,, buat lewatin masa" ini sampe Tuhan bener" genapin janji Tuhan buat masa depan Gaby^^.

so,, hope you can learn form Joseph's life too =)

*baru keinget tadi, kalo kmrn Gaby minta Tuhan jangan dateng dulu mpe gwmarried, kesannya gw egois banget.. tapi gw tau skrg,,
Tuhan jangan dateng dulu sampe Tuhan genapi janji Tuhan ke Gaby buat pergi ke bangsa-bangsa!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


but,, take a minute to type..hehe

baru pulang dr mkn di Buffet,lippo..
and actually, i'm very full...hwhw
*cake coklatnya ma tiramisunya enak banget!!
gw abis 8 potong!! haha..
kenyang bgt..
lama2 bosen juga makan disitu,, bis masih keinget gt rasanya..haha
today, my lovely cousin celebrate her birthday,, jadi dinner bareng deh..hoho
happy birthday ya,sist^^..

today preach is talking about hidup kudus!!
apa itu hidup kudus?! hidup yang dipisahkan!! (being separated from this world)
dan dengan apa seorang muda menjaga kelakuannya besih?
dengan menjaganya sesuai firman Tuhan.!! [maz 119:9]
jadi cara jaga hidup kita kudus adalah dengan CINTA firman!!
harus mulai baca firman tiap pagi lagi ni>.<
(i hadn't do that for a week..sorry,Dad)
i'll start again tomorrow!!
promise. *cross my heart*

anyway,, hari ni rapat natal lagi dan telah menyerah tugas kepada anak buah dengan sukses.
tapi, shock waktu ci Mei kasih jadwal doa n puasa..
seminggu 3x puasa..>.<
oh no..
tapi, ya sudahlah,, latian puasa lagi,, dah lama juga ga puasa...>.<
biar Tuhan ajar banyak dihari2 ke depan^^

btw,, jadi pengen ganti handphone ni>.<
pengen blanja,, pengen beli heels.. pengan nonton,, masih byk yg harus ditonton,,
haduh,, banyak maunya tak punya money...

ya ampun,, besok kuliah lagi,,
perasaan dah lama juga ga kuliah..
very lazy...hwhw...

hmm,, udah ah, bingung mo nulis apa lagi..
enough for today, will post again tomorrow, with a new story..=D
good night all..

Saturday, November 14, 2009


akhirnya gw bisa bangun siang,, walopun akhirnya harus diburu2 bangun,, pdahl masi jam 9>.<

hari ni gw beresin hasil dekorasi gw yang kemaren,in the afternoon.
after that, rapat Girls' Talk.. huee,,,
Dad, gw brasa byk banget ni yang harus dipikrin, lom GT, natal, CC,, huaa,, Tuhan list doanya banyak banget...+.+
but i know, You hear all of it=)

and i'm happy karna thema buat acara natal dah ketemu!!yippi^^
memang ide itu datang kl kepepet!!haha
themanya 3.16 (baca= three sixteen) hoho..
maksudnya sih disambung2in ke ayat. yoh3:16 ma 1 yoh3:16.. hoho.
Thx God^^

tadinya bis itu mo ntn fame di tekko,, tapi batal....
bete ga jadi nonton fame...>.<
kesel deh, kalo org bilang2 'suka kok filmnya',, janji2,, tapi batal..huh!!
ga tau napa jadi kebawa mpe malem gini,,
jadi melankolis ni bawaannya,,pengen yg sedih2 (aneh=mode on)
*hate this feeling*

Friday, November 13, 2009

uts is over...=D

today my mid test is over=D
ga kerasa dah seminggu aja gt blajar,, bo2 pagi, tp tetep pas ngerjain ga bisa..haha
ya sudahlah ya,, pasrah saja..hoho

hari ni, gw bantu ci eva dekor ruangan greja buat acara pemberkatan nikah=D
ternyata dia punya WE gt. tapi kok buat dekor ga ada pekerjanya ya??haha.. ya ga apa lah, lumayan buat gue bisa bantu2 dia (plus dapet uang jajan katanya...hehe)
seru ya,, kalo dah mo married gt..>.<
ternyata ci eva ma ko su juga dah mo married aja bulan april ntar,,huaa.. cepet bgt..slamat ya buat kalian=P
ngomong2 soal married,gw mo married umur 24-25 an lah, pokoknya setelah slese kuliah, gw mo kerja dulu(jadi PR tentunya..haha) trus baru deh cari calon suami trus married.wkwk.(haduh, Tuhan jgn dateng dulu ya sebelum Gaby married.hehhe) ngomong2 soal calon suami, pasangan hidup gw ntar siapa ya,Tuhan?!haha.. yang pasti yang Tuhan dah siapinkan?=D

hari ini film 2012 premier, trus orang2 padah heboh gt mo nonton, tapi katanyanya sih keren.. hoho.. ntar ntn lah,,
btw, bsk gw mo nonton FAME ni^^ asek2..

btw, pembaca gw nambah satu orang ni..
hahaha.. welcome to my friend,,=D

Thursday, November 12, 2009


first, i wanna say welcome and thank you for Hans Harmadi, that the only one who read (i think) and said love my blog!! hahaha...
hopefully you're not lying.. hehe..

hmm,, what's going on whit me this week?!
i have my mid-test...!!>.<

lumayan sih,, tak seburuk yang gw bayangkan.. tapi hari ni mata kuliah KN ga bisa.. damn it!>.<
bsk uts terakhir. yippi!! cuma agama sih,, tp lom belajar..huaaa tidak.
ni jadi ngenet juga gara2 si hans minta gw posting baru lagi..hahha(jd nyalahin orang..peace^^V). ya udah laha ya,, onlen bentar. give me more 10 minutes,God.hehe serasa besok tak ada ujian..=D

hmm,, selain masalah uts,, gw lagi belajar apa ya minggu ini? ga ada yang spesial sih,, selain lg sibuk siapin acara natal,.
btw,ngomongin masalah natal,, bbrp hari yang lalu, kalo ga salah hari minggu, pas gw doa, trus tanya Tuhan, apa sih yang Tuhan ma waktu lahir ke dunia ini, apa cuma dateng, korbanin diri supaya kita ga binasa n beroleh hidup kekal? kok kyknya Tuhan kebaikan bgt...hehe
trus Tuhan kasih inget gt di 1 yoh 3:16. disitu di bilang.. karena Tuhan dah nyerahin nyawaNy (rela lahir ke dunia) kita juga harus serahin NYAWA kita buat orang lain. what??? syok gw bacanya.. kita harus mati gt buat orang lain? tidakkk,,, sayang bgt hidup gw..
trus gw cocokin di bible versi inggrisnya.. disitu di tulis, " and we also ought to lay down our lives...". jadi nyawa=lives--> HIDUP kita!! hoho..
jadi minggu ni lagi bljr banyak sih, arti bagi hidup buat orang lain...>.<

o ya, gw juga lagi belajar buat tetep STAND ALONE!! help me Dad...
cukup susah untuk hidup beda dari dunia ini,, but i don't want to follow this avil generation,God!
mulai masalah nyontek,, hidup jadi cewek yang bener, cowok, gossip,, huaa... banyak deh..
pray for me please...=P

Friday, November 6, 2009

loves raining at jakarta

huaa.. hari ni gw keujanan..>.< (which is the last day)
pas lagi mo naek bis. tiba tiba ujan deres with the lightning.. tapi sebelumnya mang dah kliatan awan nya item, gelap banget..hwhhw..
sambil nunggu ujan reda, berteduh and jalan2 dulu dh mall slipi jaya.. haha.. ga terbayangkan bakal ke mall itu..wkwk.. that is so small and so narrow. kayak itc gt isinya.. but,, just for my experience..
and the part that when i waited for the bus in the drizzle is so awesome, i don't know why, just love it.. wkwkwk..i very thank God that i have this experience (again). hoho..
but, i arrived home safely, just a little bit wet..hehe.. thanks God.=)

moreover, i really glad to join that seminar.
the question is, Dad, what do you want to i lead? what vision that you give?
what kind of people that i should lead? what kind of activity?
i want You to use me as your leader where ever i am .
just give me the special vision! what i have to do in my age, for my generation, and for Your glory?!
give me that God.. i really want "it"!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

start the journal

hmmm,, i know now, what i'm gonna do with this blog..
i'll make it as my daily journal..
mencoba mencatat hal hal apapun yang gw alamin di blog ini, karena berhubung gw males nulis, so diketik aja..
mumpung lom banyak orang juga yang tau blog gw..hehe

yeah, what did i do today?
hari ini gw bangun pagi n ikut seminar Global Leadership Summit 2009.
di wisma 76, slipi. dari jam 9-5 sore.. fiuh, really tired and sleepy at the first time..
brgkt dari gs jam 7, naek angkot 2x ke islamic trus naek bis no 138 jurusan tangerang-blok m, yang lewat slipi..hoho
ga tau knp, gw suka aja naik bis gt,, jadi ngrasain bener2 yang namanya tinggal dijakarta, ngikutin org2 yang pergi2 naek bis, jalan, panas, berdebu.. haha...bersa kejamnya dunia..wkwkk
udah gt pulangnya juga harus nyebrang lewat jemabtan. n i love to ngelewatin jembatan n berada di ats trus liat kota jakarta dengan kemacetan n gedung2 nya yg tinggi2..hahhaa... just feel different because i never do that..hehe..

btw, soal seminar hari ini,, ada 4 sesi,, here is the scedule;
first session: ya lumayan nangkep lah ya. hehe.. it's about, waktu kita menjadi pemimpin, pasti akan ada waktu2 dimana ada namanya ambak liar dalam kepemimpinan kita,, nah di waktu2 itu lah,, kt harus mengisi bucket kita dengan kasih karunia Tuhan. bukan cuma pas waktu2 sulit doang,, tapi always everyday we have to fill full our grace of God.=P

after that we have break time around 30 minutes

second session: i just very sleepy n i lost everything.. haha.. don't know anything=D

and then had a lunch time

and then the third session is awsome! it's about, how we must see a thing from any different sight, include the problem, ( termasuk apakah yang ada yang ada di benak kita waktu kita denger kata "afrika"? kemiskinan? penyakit? hiv?
satu statement yang gw suka." yang mereka butuhkan bukanlah bantuan kita(materi), tapi, kita bantu mereka agar mereka dapat menolong diri mereka sendiri" yeah! (are u confuse? just pored it) hehe. and about,, kesaksian ttg web penyalur dana pinjaman buat disalurin ke orang2 miskin yang butuh dana buat mulai bisnis mereka.. and that's really inspiring..^^.

and the last session for today, tentang pengalaman masa lalu yang akhirnya menetukan visi hidup kita, n tentang forgiveness gt deh.. karna as a leadar kita ga boleh nyimpen dendam, haris berbesar hati untuk memaafkan orang lai supaya berhasil di kepemimpinan kita.. (yup2.. setuju..=)

yeah,, that's all my day today..
n now feel very tired..
sekarang lagi nonton rapat komisi III DPR - Polri..hehhe..
really interesting to know that issue=D
fiuhh,, just pray the best to this nation,god...>.<

and, that's all 4 today..
see u tommorow...
nite all.